GAME THEORY. What is the best strategy to take given that we do not know what the other person is thinking? Solving such problems is the raison d’etre branch of applied mathematics called GAME THEORY, which has applications far beyond simple pastimes.

“If you think life is just a game, you need to know how to play it. Game Theory can help.”

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*Not guaranteed to help you win but can be used as part of your strategy.



Stanley eco-flask, blanket, speaker, chair, bottle opener, party grill, cooler and more.


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Stylish hoody, infinity scarf, team hat, football shirt, off shoulder raglan.



Tent, ring toss, horse shoe, bocce ball, ball toss and corn hole.

Everything from business to juggling life – is a game. And Game Theory is a type of math that can help you be a winner, or at least help with your fantasy football selections.