KFC Crocs Sold Out in 30 Minutes

Have you ever wanted a pair of shoes that looked and smelled so great, you could eat them? Okay, probably not. But, if you saw the newest collaboration between Kentucky Fried Chicken and Crocs, you might change your mind.

These bold and strangely aromatic clogs feature the best of both brands, with the base of the clogs printed red and white to resemble the KFC bucket and a sneaky Colonel Sander’s peeking at you from the back of one shoes heel, and a fried chicken print on the top. They even come with scented chicken legs Jibbitz™ charms that look and even smell like fried chicken as an extra detail.

These were released at 12 noon ET on Tuesday, July 28th, and by 12:31 pm, KFC announced on Twitter that the shoes had sold out, with the tweet reading: “Bad news is the KFC x Crocs are officially sold out. Good news is you can still buy a real bucket of chicken at KFC. Don’t wear them.”

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to snag a pair, there’s always eBay. If you have $500 to spend on them, that is.

We’ll settle for a KFC bucket of chicken, instead.