With the world thrust into the sudden changes that COVID-19 has brought, there are people that are bound to jump on the bandwagon for a quick dollar providing often illegitimate PPE products, such as masks and hand sanitizer. These counterfeiters are taking advantage of the public’s fear and scarcity of resources to con consumers, and we’ve seen counterfeit detection increase by 38% across several industries.


These counterfeiters have made it harder for legitimate professionals who have the best interests of end-users at heart, compromising the name of the promo industry. We have some advice on how to stop these fake products in their tracks, and ensure that you’ll receive legitimate, trusted products.


  1. Verify that the PPE products have undergone and passed safety and compliance testing. Be wary of those who refuse to show it.
  2. Work with those you trust. Buying from those you haven’t worked with before increases your risk of getting caught up in a counterfeit deal. Cheaper isn’t always better.
  3. Wording is important. Labeling a 3-ply mask that hasn’t been approved for medical use as a “surgical mask” is illegal and, more importantly, dangerous.
  4. Stay informed about the most current regulations regarding PPE


Theory is dedicated to providing only products we know and trust, ensuring that you’ll receive the same treatment. We have sampled every cloth mask that we recommend, so you know that you’ll get quality product every time. Stay informed!