Meet Our Team

Jolene Smith
Jolene SmithFounder & Owner
My theory on life is that life is beautiful. Life is short. You wake. You rest. You are in constant flux and motion. We as people change – we can be miserable or we can be happy. It’s what you make of your life and the presence you have in the life of others that really matters. I choose to be happy and live a productive life full of giving back and helping others
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Hannah Johnson
Hannah JohnsonGraphic Designer
90% of life is about just showing up. It’s the people who show up and put in the time and effort that succeed and get what they want out of life. Talent by itself will only get you so far. But when you couple your talent with drive and commitment, success will follow. There will be people who are more talented than me, but very few people will out effort me.
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Lyndsie Oreno
Lyndsie OrenoProject Coordinator / Administrative Assistant
Life is the biggest adventure you’ll ever get. Using my determination and an inquisitiveness to learn, I face challenges head on with a love for learning and growth. Happiness, for me, is found by looking at the world with a lens of humor, humility, and a dash of imagination to live life at its fullest.

We provide companies with the elements necessary to create and promote their brand.

To help free the world of erroneous branding one logo at a time, while providing unique and innovative branded solutions to companies that are established, getting started or in need of change. Your Brand. Our Theory.
  • Creativity – to devote ourselves as one to create unique branded marketing solutions that fit each individual client’s needs.
  • Relationships – to form deep client relationships and partnerships as an extension of our client’s brand.
  • Giving Back – actively contributing to society through various business and personal activities such as stimulating the local economy, giving to charitable organizations and maintaining an environmentally friendly work place.
To deliver UNIQUE, INNOVATIVE, QUALITY branded merchandise SOLUTIONS and content that is within the realm of our client’s brand.
We deliver what we promise on time, while going above and beyond to ensure an exceptional branding experience.