Finding a journal that is rugged yet classy enough to fit your lifestyle and needs is not always easy. We have found the perfect one. Not only are they USA Made in our home state of Utah but when a client or employee receives one they immediately feel the rich leather and hand-stitched seams and know that it is something to be cherished.

“Life is a collaboration–experiences, people, places, and things–that all combine to create a personal picture of each of us. At Rustico, our fine quality, hand-crafted leather journals, log books, photo albums, and other leather accessories help you document your journey and capture the aspects of life that make you unique. Like you, it is our own experiences that make Rustico different and unique.” – Isaac Childs, Founder & Owner

You can get personalized and branded Rustico Leather pieces through Theory Brand Agency. Below are some of our favorites…

Observer Leather Journal Saddle

Traveler Leather Journal, Buckle-Saddle

Large Composition Cover Hand Sewn burgundy