RETAIL & HOSPITALITY: Restaurant and bar t-shirt sales have become very popular. There’s a certain cachet to sporting a trendy logo for your favorite establishment. Creative merchandising displays and online sales are gaining momentum. Check out these ideas for bars and restaurants with trend-right looks for him and her.


FITNESS & WALKS/RUNS: Running and walking events remain a popular weekend pursuit for many Americans. Nearly 20 million people annually complete everything from 5ks to ultra races. They deserve gear like this that performs just as hard as they do.














RESORTS & TOURISM: With lower gas prices, more Americans will take trips this year. Target the millions of families traveling around the country with resort-friendly options that showcase logos and serve as a great keepsake of summer memory.














CONCERTS & FESTIVALS: Music festivals are a hot ticket with 32 million Americans visiting at least one music festival every year. Capitalize on millennial and young-at-heart audiences with shirts and accessories that rock!














CAMPS & LEAGUES: This summer, more than 11 million adults and children will attend camp and over 10 million will participate in baseball. Help them show their pride in looks they’ll wear way beyond the summer.