Published in Entrepreneur Magazine July 2016.
By Lambeth Hochwald

With a little investment, you can make every purchase more memorable. Here is what five companies did (and paid) to customize their containers.

Thelma’s Treats
Cost: $2.50 per cardboard oven.
The cardboard oven holds 24 cookies. The oven is delivered to its customers with still-warm treats inside.

Caliber Collection
Cost: $4.30 per item, with custom velour bag.
The packaging is integral to the brands message, which repurposes firearms into jewelry.

Roseur Fine Roses
Cost: Undisclosed
The box looks like a dress box from Paris. The logo is die-cut to ventilate the roses; wave-corrugated material, foam wrap and a custom-designed base protects the flowers.

P.J. Salvage
Cost: average $0.81-$1 per box, which changes seasonally.
The special packaging sets you apart from our competition.

Peggy Jean’s Pies
Cost: $0.92 per box.
Her pies are shipped in jelly jars, ready-to-eat, in a box that securely holds six varieties, with six tiny forks.
Your packaging can make or break how well you do and will make the difference between your product being purchased or not.