The Grass is Always Greener; Merchandise Perspective. Thanks to technology and the internet our lifestyles have been completely transformed. We have choices. Do I choose the Rigdiculous Pack with the roll top or the Rig Pack with the webbing cinch straps?

The problem with having choices is that we become restless. We can’t decide if the roll top bag that we already have is better than the one with the top webbing cinch straps. This keeps us constantly wondering about the cinch straps bag or even the next model with the larger wet/dry pocket.

So, we make the leap to the Rig Pack – once we’ve moved to where we thought the grass would be greener and where we’d be happy – we discover that it is no different. Then we start to wonder about the grass being greener on the next model with the larger wet/dry pocket.

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Solution. Order one of each, test them out and decide which works best for you. When the newer version comes out you will be satisfied knowing that the one you currently have works just fine or will order that one too.

However, there are certainly times where another situation is better than the current one (i.e., one has more capacity to hold more goods thus fulfills your extended needs or extra pockets, everyone could use an extra pocket.