CHAOS THEORY. You leave the house 5 minutes late – can’t find parking and when you finally get to curbside check-in you have missed your flight and the next flight out is not until tomorrow. 5 minutes turned into a 24 hour delay and a plethora of missed work and meetings. This is an everyday example of what mathematicians call a non-linear phenomenon, where small effects do not necessarily have small consequences.

“Chaos Theory focuses on such situations, the outcomes of which are often neither totally random, nor totally predictable. One all to familiar example is the weather, where non-linear effects ensure small observational errors grow over time to the point where they wreck all hope of making reliable predictions. It also gives estimates of the ultimate time scales beyond which no prediction can be trusted-for the weather, it is around 20 days.”

Chaos Theory Lesson: Always carry a branded umbrella.


Large Umbrella. Complete with a case and shoulder straps plus the vents on the top of the umbrella helps protect against the wind. Rain or shine you can keep on moving.


Compact and on the go. Compact arc folding umbrella with formed nylon black case is the perfect size for storing in a purse, briefcase, glove box or desk drawer.

“Death and taxes maybe the only certainties in life, but there is a lot of stuff that is not totally random either-it’s called chaos.”