One of the many reasons we love social media is that you are able to connect with people and companies that you may have otherwise never known existed. Feel Good Movement  is a great example of this type of connection. They recently reached out to me on Instagram which then drove me to check out their site, branding and product offerings. Which in turn led me to share with others their mission for giving back.

Feel Good Movement is a brand of clothing founded on the basis of positive thinking leading to a positive attitude and representing a positive lifestyle. They are out to make a positive change in the lives of others by spreading a positive message through the clothes that you wear. That’s a lot of positive and we love it!

BRANDING: The site is done in the color blue. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea and has a calming effect beneficial to that of the body and mind. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom and truth. Their logo is simple, clean and flexible. They often switch out a boxed look between FEEL and GOOD but maintain brand consistency in doing so. 

MESSAGING:  “To spread the power of positivity by helping those in need and using responsible business practices to provide quality, comfortable, and fashionable clothing that makes people feel good.”

LOVE: Several things to love about this brand…

  1. The message is simple, the logo is simple and the site is simple.
  2. The name says it all FEEL GOOD MOVEMENT – Together we all can make a difference.
  3. For each item purchased they donate a comparable item to a charitable organization supporting disaster relief, disability assistance or poverty care.

They are creating a movement and giving others the opportunity to give back and spread a positive message through the apparel they purchase and voicing it out to others through pictures posted on social media #fgmovement.