“What would you see if you sat on a beam of light?” That is the question Albert Einstein asked himself as a boy. The answer…The Theory of Relativity.

According to the Theory of Relativity, the faster you travel through space, the slower you travel through time. If you reach the speed of light, time will stop completely.

BOTTOM LINE: Everything is relative to each other and if you want to stay young, you’d better keep moving.

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USB SPACEMAN LIGHT. Why? Because it’s cool and because you can. USB powered spaceman LED light. Flip the helmet open and closed to turn the light on and off. The 11.9″ flexible cord allows for adjustable light direction. Comes in retail packaging and this think literally hovers over your key board. It’s like you are in a your own little space continuum.


BULLET GRIP SPACE PEN. Yes Please! This pen has thixotropic ink in a hermetically sealed, pressurized reservoir. It writes three times longer than an ordinary ballpoint and has a stainless steel precision socket that prevents leaking yet delivers uniform ink flow. It has an ultra-hard tungsten carbide ball & sliding float. Precision assembled & hand tested.

“No matter how hard you try to teach your dog general relativity, you are going to fail (unless they are Aussies)”.