Page Three Hundred Clothing Label

Packaging of the Month was taken from an article written by Andrew Gibbs in the March issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

WHO: Page Three Hundred is a Turin, Italy-based independent clothing label founded in 2014 by Gabriele Marchi and Maria Fernanda Barbero. The company created a daring, sophisticated packaged brand experience for its fall/winter collection.

WHAT: The packaging is distinct, clean and modern, displaying a careful balance between Swiss-inspired design and handmade elements in a two-color scheme. Shirts and trousers are wrapped in red or white tissue paper and sealed with a rectangular branded sticker. they are then placed in a branded red bag and hand closed with a custom wax seal.

WHY WE LOVE IT: The look is elegant, and the label’s straightforward descriptions of the clothing ties in with the brand’s cheeky attitude and clean aesthetic. The packaging creates brand value through its unique opening “ceremony,” in which customers physically experience multiple layers of design hands-on; this turns a typically uninteresting moment into a ritual that builds excitement and encourages appreciation of the product.

Most apparel brands do not place a heavy emphasis on packaging; the hangtag is usually an afterthought. Page Three Hundred is a fantastic example of an up-and-comping independent clothing company that placed a design focus across its entire brand experience, using packaging to elevate its position and engage with consumers in a new way.