Cerveceria de Colima, Mexican Craft Brewery

Packaging of the Month was taken from an article written by Andrew Gibbs in the February issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

WHO: Mexico-based Anagrama, a brand intelligence group, has created a fresh branding and packaging system for Cerveceria de Colima, a new Mexican Craft Brewery.

WHAT: Anagrama was tasked with creating label designs for three craft beers within an overarching and consistent brand-identity system. The result-bottles with brightly colored caps that contrast the labels’ black and metallic accents–is a modern visual translation of traditional elements that pull inspiration from the state of Colima and its surroundings, including the local volcano.

The three brews are Colimita, which Anagrama describes as “the beer from the earth and favorite of the sun”; Paramo, a pale ale inspired by “whisperings in the streets”; and the dark beer Ticus, named fro a relative of the crow.

WHY WE LOVE IT: The friendly, simple-looking brand honors the human touch and workmanship behind each unique craft brew. The overall look is stunning, and appeals to a new generation of consumers looking for authenticity from the products they consume. Cerveceria de Colima is a great example of a brand that rejects a “one size fits all” approach to its product line, and Anagrama has given the company the flexibility to create a unique label design for each specially crafted brew, while still maintaining a consistent branding system across the entire range.