MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES are becoming more and more popular and the way they present their brand will have a large impact on the success of the goods and services that are being offered.

We decided to check out 11 popular ones and even subscribed to a couple of them. Below we have * the ones we reviewed as well as subscribed to.


  1. *Bark Box – Monthly box of goodies for the dog in your life. We subscribed to this!
  2. Nicely Noted – Beautiful letter pressed cards for all occasions. We love these!
  3. Bulu Box Vitamins and supplements.
  4. *Birch Box – Monthly box of sample beauty products for men and women. We subscribed to this!
  5. *Nature Box – Delicious natural full size snacks, they offer a FREE TRIAL. So why not try!
  6. Craft Coffee – Monthly coffee.
  7. Conscious Box – Monthly box of natural products. We like this concept, the site and the branding, but tried 4 times to send a gift subscription to no avail.
  8. *Yogi Surprise – Love the look and feel. Full size products for the yoga lover.
  9. Dollar Shave Club – Monthly club for men that delivers razors, wipes and creams. To the point, simple & easy to use, yes they really do have a $1.00 plan.
  10. Tea Sparrow Tea’s
  11. SteepsterTea’s


  • Subscription Services
    • How easy is it to subscribe
    • Cost of subscription
    • How easy is it to send a gift subscription
  • Functionality of website & social media presence
  •  Brand
    • Logo
    • Graphics
    • Color Schemes
    • Packaging

Bark Box:

SERVICE – Easy to use, free shipping, easy to give a gift, priced appropriately due to a portion of the purchase going towards a cause to help doggies in need. Pet owners love a good cause! Plans auto renew so you need to pay attention if you don’t want to continue the service.  Price varies from size of pet and $19.00 – $29.00 / month depending on the number of months you join for. Can’t wait to see what they send and to see how my pups react to their monthly box of goodies.
SITE – The website has an area still under-construction & some images that take away due to being low pixels. Some of the pages take you away from the site to new pages so you have to go back or reopen a new window. It is straight forward and easy to navigate. Love the Puppy Feed and maximization of social media.
BRAND – The logo is simple and utilizes a nice sketched look which is inline with the other graphics. The colors are a nice fit & consistent. Love the “comic” theme’d graphics. They have what appears to be 4 brands under their umbrella. The Bark Buddy concept is awesome but the icon graphic is a bit inconsistent with the other brands. The Bark Post font doesn’t have the same “sketched” look as the other logo’s. Overall love the site & social media presence, love the brands across the board, love the simplicity of the packing & custom tissue paper. The brand overall has fun written all over it. We subscribed!

Birch Box:

SERVICE – Easy to make a purchase, easy to give a gift, priced at $10.00 / month which is nice to get a sampling of products prior to purchasing. Plus you get points for every purchase that you can use towards full size products.
SITE – The website is easy to use and functions nicely. There’s a section that personalizes the products to your skin and hair type. They have a women’s magazine and a men’s guide. Great use of social media. Brand consistency. They also give freebies, love those! They send email confirmations that are easy and convenient for tracking.
BRAND – The logo and icon are both simple. A pink shade for women and a black shade for men. The colors are a nice fit & consistent. Love the square icon and the iconic B. We subscribed to this service and sent a gift subscription, very excited to see the packaging once it arrives. They have an app to help dive deeper into product selection. So far we are impressed!

Nature Box:

SERVICE – This is their own brand of naturally delicious snacks. I don’t purchase a lot of snacks but this site had me convinced that I should probably start or that I should have given this as a gift. Easy to use, easy to give a gift, priced at $16.95 – $19.95 / month depending on subscription time frame for 5 full snack bags. You get to choose your snacks which is a nice feature. Definitely look forward to testing out these snacks. Another reason to subscribe, for every box they deliver they donate a meal through Feeding America. They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
SITE – The website is easy to use and functions nicely. They have 4 options to choose from, one of which is the FREE trial. The site is simple and to the point with great pictures and descriptions of all the product offerings.
BRAND – Love the colors and the sunflower in the logo. The mix of the 2 logo colors are consistent with the sunflower colors and is very appealing.

Yogi Surprise:

SERVICE – Pure natural handcrafted goods. 6-8 full-size natural products designed to nourish and support your well being, vitality and growth for just $44.95 per month. Free shipping is a plus. No option to pick items or narrow down to different categories.
SITESimple and easy to use site full of great graphics and icons. Contests for yogi retreats that subscribers can win. Yogi journal with top yogi picks kept up to date. Nice use of social media. No option to pick items or narrow down to different categories or to see upcoming or past products in boxes.
BRAND – Simplistic logo with a nice color and font. Love the green icons and box graphics.