Weekly I take a walk around town to see how companies are doing their branding. One company in particular has stood out on many levels, so much that I get a big smile on my face and excitedly peak through their windows to see what new items with bright colors exploding from the shelves they have put up for sale. You would think this company dealt in boutique merchandise but they are actually in the business of personal training and fitness. They love their brand so much that they have a full store of merchandise, walls painted with graphics, floor mats with their brand welcoming you at ever entrance and vehicles that our loud and proud shouting out their brand every where they go.

I love branding and nothing is more exciting than seeing business’s that love their brand so much that they put it on everything, from cars to baby blankets. That’s exactly what BIFG (Boxing is for Girls) in Sugar House, Utah is doing.  One of the owners just happens to be an artist so she sketched out unique and brightly colored animal theme’d designs for their product line, branded specifically for BIFG.

What I Love:

  • They maintain brand consistency through out the gym and into their store. They love their brand, are proud to show it and know that others love it as much as they do.
  • There logo is simple and the bright colors match the look and feel they are portraying in the animal theme’d designs.
  • They did a lot of research to find products that are workable from a print perspective with the art they designed.
  • The energy level is high from the colors and prints chosen, which is perfect for a boxing gym.
  • They are consistent across the board.
  • They love merchandise with their brand on it.

Check out some of the pictures I was able to capture while ooohing and aaahing over their brightly colored selection of hard goods.

If you are interested in checking out some of their pieces visit www.boxingisforgirls.com.