The Top Seven Color Trends Predicted by Pantone for Winter 2019

Each season, Pantone Color Institute graces us with their Fashion Color Trend Report based on the stunning pieces flaunted down the runway by top designers at both New York and London Fashion Week. The Fall/Winter 2019/2020 report includes a radiant display of bold and classic colors, proving that this year is all about individuality and expression.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, describes the collections as ranging from, “easy and sophisticated to strikingly different and unique.”

As high fashion always seems to trickle down to the mainstream, it serves as a valuable piece of information to help make guided decisions for your upcoming inventory for the colder months ahead.

Of the total 32 colors chosen as inspirational highlights (16 for New York Fashion Week, 16 for London Fashion Week), we chose the top seven most wearable hues you can expect to see in every shade this winter—along with a few products in similar color options.

Pantone’s Top Seven Color Trends for Winter 2019

1. Chili Pepper: Pantone 19-1557

A spicier cousin to Pantone’s spring ‘Fiesta’ shade, Chili Pepper is listed as the leading color for fall and winter this year. Incorporate a touch of the hue for added drama within your designs by selecting tees with statement sleeves, or showing some flavor with an all-red fabric and simple embroidered logo.

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2. Biking Red: Pantone 19-1650

A fresh spin on the ‘Merlot’ classic, Biking Red is meant to exude adventure. Just as the name suggests, the warm shade is strong, powerful and confident. For the fashion-forward, the color was already seen on Nicole Kidman earlier this year at the Golden Globes. Keep as an all-over basic or screen print a lighter ink shade for bold contrast.

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3. Orange Tiger: Pantone 16-1358

Fearless and energized just like the animal, this loud color sends a roaring statement. From dresses to color-blocked ensembles, you can expect to see it hitting all the major retail stores come fall and staying through the winter. Incorporate it as a pop of ink on a soft-hued garment for your casual enthusiasts or stock the colored apparel for the fashion savvy.

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4. Galaxy Blue: Pantone 19-4055

An interpretation of our atmosphere, this elegant blue is a striking winter staple. Played up into gala attire, as seen by Lupita Nyong’o, or down into athleisure pieces—both evoke a thoughtful reaction. For added richness, pair the color with a silver screen-printed design.

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5. Eden: Pantone 19-6050

From the evergreen trees we place in homes to wreaths we hang on our door; Eden pays homage to stately winter traditions as a warm sister to Forest Green. It’s meant to provide an alternative to the common navy, black and gray, often worn during the colder months of the year. The earth tone also provides a steady base for an array of customization opportunities.

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6. Crème de Pêche: Pantone 12-1110

A refreshing take from the normally dark hues of winter, Crème de Pêche is a softer tint of the peach family. Often worn layered, this chic color is a staple to build up any winter wardrobe. Embroider a sleek black logo for simple class or add a vibrant design using the bold shades above for true individuality.

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7. Frost Gray: Pantone 17-0000

Listed in London’s color trend report, Frost Gray is a diverse color that conveys timelessness. This color can be sported alone, layered under a cardigan, printed with a monochromatic design and more. It’s a versatile hue that belongs in everyone’s closet.

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