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Show us how you envision


Download mask template here


  1. Download the mask template from our website
  2. Design your mask in the template around the theme of Rebirth
  3. Upload your design to Instagram
  4. Use our hashtag in your post #TheoryMask and tag us, @TheoryBrandAgency in the image
  5. Write a short statement about the methods you used to create the art and the meaning behind your art in your post
  6. Make sure to read the Official Design Contest Rules

The contest ends Monday, May 11th!


  • One submission per individual
  • Please keep in mind people will be wearing these masks in public; please keep artwork tasteful and appropriate for all ages
  • No politically-charged artwork
  • No vulgar, pornographic or otherwise distasteful artwork


The winner will have their art printed on 100 fabric masks. They will receive 10 of those masks for free for themselves and to share with their family and friends. The remaining 90 masks will be donated to an organization of the winner’s choice.


  • The mask is a full bleed, dye sublimation with photo quality results
  • The red lines in the template denote where the dye sublimated fabric will be folded
  • Please design to the edges of the mask, past the dotted seam line, to allow for proper dye sublimation
  • Art placed past the dotted line may not show when the item is sewn


  • The mask is made with a machine-washable, 2-ply, USA-made fabric that contains zinc, for anti-microbial benefits
  • The fabric is water-repellant
  • The fabric provides a 99.9% efficacy rate through 50 washes
Examples of masks, strap color choices, and print quality

Disclaimer: These masks do not guarantee immunity from COVID-19 or other sicknesses. Masks are only one type of prevention method. Please remember to be mindful of social distancing, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and wash your face coverings regularly.