Sand Packaging


Packaging of the Month was taken from an article written by Andrew Gibbs in the September issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

WHO: Alien and Monkey is the name of the Barcelona based duo of writer-illustrator Daishu Ma an industrial designer Marc Nicolau. Together, they have designed an unconventional box with the goal of creating an ephemeral package for precious gifts and exploring the ritual and psychologies behind gift-giving.

WHAT: Sand packaging is created out of one of Earth’s most abundant resources. The sand is compressed and formed into  solid structure shaped like a cinder block, which is intended to conceal a small gift, such as jewelry. When the packaging is broken, it’s hidden content is revealed.

“Sand-made packaging re-establishes the ritual of discovering a gift and the concept of sustainable packaging.

As an answer to the increase of waste in modern society, we have developed a material using one of earth’s most abundant natural resources, sand, to create packaging for precious gifts. Destroying the packaging during it’s opening provides a unique sensory experience and creates a long-lasting memory for the person who discovers the gift” – Alien and Monkey

WHY WE LOVE IT: The sand packaging provides the unique sensation of breaking into a structure, much like cracking an egg. For the recipient, it’s an unforgettable experience: the feeling of the package crumbling beneath your fingers, with the knowledge that it can never return to the state it was once in. It’s sustainable by definition, and just downright cool.