Project Description




Tres Agaves usually aires on the side of fun, light-hearted themes with a strong root in its heritage. However for this project, born from an idea from one of its most successful sales reps, they were willing to take a chance and go for a more mysterious appearance based around one main ingredient in their cocktail line-up: black salt.

How does one mix the look and feel of an exotic ingredient like black salt (made from sea salt and natural charcoal) that still feels like it would fit in, in Mexico? How do you merge traditional and new? After rounds and rounds of brainstorming, designs, mockups, (and some taste-testing) we all unanimously agreed: Tres Noches: Black Salt Craft Cocktails by Tres Agaves. Once we got the name of the program, it was full speed ahead.


Not only did we get to create unique, custom illustrations for this program, but they also asked for our help in choosing the elements for the program. For this we had to get into the minds of craft bartenders. What would appeal to them? What would get them excited about using Tres Agaves products? We took our design and laid it out on promotional t-shirts for staff to wear, we branded three-tiered salt rimmers, and had custom wooden boxes made to hold the salt and round out the presentation. Each account also received drink menus featuring the signature cocktails and coasters with the Tres Noches design on one side, and Tres Agaves logo on the other. One of the coolest things about this project, besides it being the very first time it will be launched into the real world, was that we got the opportunity to private label salt. When do you ever get to do that? For this, we took a modified version of the Tres Noches design and laid it out onto custom die cut stickers to fit the salt packets.


For this project, we also received, kitted, and shipped out all of the kits for the sales reps.