Project Description




Perdue Farms asked us to find a way to visually show the innovative eco way that Pasture Bird raises their chickens. This innovative method of pasture raised chickens not only raises better chickens but is an eco system in itself. It was important to correctly portray the difference between pasture raised and free range because it helps make the consumer feel good about buying their product, but would also serve a purpose, showing an eco system that comes full circle when pasture raising chickens. The key was being able to visually show how their pasture barn moved by solar power ever 24 hours as the chickens grazed. The chickens are then fertilizing the pasture to help the cows and the pigs are helping to clean up after the chickens. All living in an eco friendly environment.

We immediately felt that a model of some sort where the barn could show movement would help portray the method they are using. After several rounds of illustrations we landed on the concept and then decided to make a 3D Diorama.


Once we figured out the illustration concept, we started fleshing out what it would look like. After several rounds of 3D modeling and printing we had the perfect diorama to showcase what they were trying to accomplish.


Once we figured out the final size of the model we worked on how we would be able to drop ship these fragile pieces. We started by testing out a box with foam inserts. We emptied out egg shells and shipped the whole egg shell to the client to see if they would show up in one piece (egg shells can resist up to 5lbs of pressure before breaking). The egg shells arrived intact with no cracks, success! We then moved down the path of having custom die cut foam pieces made to fit the interior of the boxes perfect to the size of the dioramas.