Project Description




Indoor spin studios are becoming more and more popular, and our friends at Rush Cycle are no exception! Though they are a pretty young brand, they are experiencing huge growth and demand for their classes and are growing nation-wide. Realizing this, corporate wanted to solidify their look and unify their branding across all the studios throughout the nation and for any future studios. They wanted their look to be a little more modern, and more fun. They felt their brand at the time seemed a little disjointed, and wanted to focus on creating a brand experience that could carry over from California to North Carolina– no matter which Rush Cycle studio you were at, you could feel like you were still part of the Rush Family. Brand consistency is so important, and we were happy to help them out in this adventure!

We updated everything from marketing pieces like tents and table covers, to print pieces, and even internal documents.

Marketing Pieces

Print Pieces