Project Description




Surprise! Lily Aldridge Parfums released a new fragrance – Summit. Summit is a scent which she describes as “Pink pepper and cinnamon meet fresh Rosemary and sweet tobacco, while leather and musk add an elegantly rustic accord.”

Summit was inspired by her trips to the mountains where she could relax. Lily wanted to include something with the perfume which would not only be a fun gift, but also remind people to slow down once in a while.

After our initial rounds of brainstorming we eventually settled on incense. But what kind of incense? After some heavy research, we all unanimously decided that not only were incense ropes the coolest kind of incense but they would also be the easiest to ship. They are small, lightweight and fit perfectly inside of the fragrance packaging. Our next step was finding someone who could sell these ropes to us wholesale. Luckily for us at Theory, we found a supplier who is right down the street in Salt Lake City.

Incense ropes for Lily Aldridge Parfums scent Summit.

Step four was deciding on a fragrance. Out of the hundreds of scents, we narrowed it down in our office before sending the scents off to Lily for her final choice. Finally, the whole thing was fulfilled and ready to ship out to customers! If you bought Summit and posted about it, let us know or share your post! We love seeing people’s reactions to our work.

Thank you again, Lily Aldridge Parfums for giving us the chance to work with you guys on another fun project. Brainstorming and finding creative solutions is one of our favorite parts of our jobs.

You can check out more of Lily’s perfumes here and purchase Summit here.