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Maker Story

Artist Tori Tissell embraces both art and literature in her literary scarves, an imaginative collection that began as homemade Christmas presents in 2011. “Since those closest to me also have an affinity towards reading, [book-inspired scarves] seemed like the perfect solution for gifts and possibly more.” An artist with experience drawing, painting, and fashion design, Tori told us about her inspirations, her work partnership with husband Chris, and the story of her storybook scarves.


“When I sourced fabric and found a cream colored knit, the idea further expanded into making the scarf specifically resemble a page out of a book.” After the scarves were a hit, Tori began selecting other book texts to be screen-printed. “Initially books and passages were picked by what I favor and some of that will always hold true but lately we’ve been getting a lot of additional input,” says Tori. From Alice in Wonderland to Jane Eyre, each scarf showcases a window into a world of storybook magic.Tori-Chris-2-548x365

Tori’s husband Chris became a part of the project when they got married in 2012. The scarves had really started taking off, and he began helping with screen printing, sourcing, and streamlining production. “By the end of that year, he was practically a full time employee.”

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You can purchase Tori’s Literary Scarves at Uncommon Goods or at her store on Etsy