Project Description




We were so excited to be involved in the launch of a new product from Perdue Farms. They came to us looking for something that would make the consumer feel good about buying their product, but would also serve a purpose, was eco-friendly and something that could resist cold as the new product would be shipped refrigerated. As part of a new initiative, they said they also wanted to focus on pollinators like bees and butterflies. We pitched a few ideas and ultimately landed on these custom seed packets. These are a great solution because they are lightweight (good for shipping), small (easy to fit into the packaging), have a lasting impression and great message behind it. Not only will the seed mix help bring pollinators to the consumers’ yards, but every time they look out at their beautiful wildflowers they will be reminded of Perdue Farms.


Once we figured out the product, we started fleshing out what it would look like. We began laying the copy out on a stock double sided insert card included in the pack of seeds. We quickly realized everything they wanted to say wouldn’t fit on the insert, so we revised the design to be a folded card, giving us much more room to play with. An illustrator created some custom illustrations of a bouquet of flowers, bees and butterflies just for this project, which were laid out strategically throughout the insert card. Originally, the copy was laid out as four separate blocks of text, but we wanted to fully carry out the pollinator theme. The honeycomb pattern on the inside of the card echos the theme of pollinators and after a while, the copy was able to be laid out perfectly within those hexagons.

Luckily for us, Perdue Farms uses a lovely yellow color for their brand which worked well for the bees and flowers, and their dark blue was a good replacement for the black on the bees, which would have been too heavy. They also wanted us to incorporate their animal icons, which seemed challenging at first to fuse with the idea of pollinators, but was mediated by using a pattern of those icons as a subtle background.


We worked very closely with the seed distributor to create a totally custom blend of seeds. Every species of flower included in the mix were specifically chosen for this project based on the regions to which the product would be shipped. The seeds and insert are packed in a bio-degradable, corn-based cellophane bag.

*This project has been updated. Check out the latest below!


Perdue Farms’ program was so popular, they needed to order even more seed cards! This time around they wanted to keep the existing information, but fit it onto a card that didn’t need to fold and one where the seeds were more contained. Our solution was this smaller, two-sided card, with an attached cello bag with information card and seeds.