SNOWBALL EARTH. The Snowball theory proposes that millions of years ago glaciers covered the earth and that the planet looked like a frigid ball of ice resembling a giant snowball with the icy carapace, almost a mile thick. The theory suggests that “the only way out would have been an increase in heat from the sun, or a rise in atmospheric carbon-dioxide levels, perhaps due to the gas venting from volcanoes.”

As the air begins to chill and the days shorten we inherently know that the holidays are quickly approaching. Most of us will experience cooler snowy weather and some fun winter outdoor recreation, including packing snowballs to form a snowman, unless you live in Australia!

Need some gift ideas for clients or employees? Below are some of our top choices for Holiday Gift Giving.

CozyEssentialsCozy Essentials Gift Set.
Fleece blanket and water bottle set. Looking for a bit more high-end, substitute a super soft Kanata blanket.





parker penClassic Personalized Pen.
Waterford and Parker are the perfect personalized pens that everyone loves. Both of great quality & made to last.





HeartWarmingHeart Warming Gift Set. Branded tumbler and beanie hat set with a warming belly band message. All branded with your logo.






Festive Cheer Baskets: Harry and David box of goodness, Mrs Fields Cookie Basket, Fairtale Brownies and Maple Ridge Towers of stuff.










Best Tech Gifts for 2015: iWatch, Fitbit, GoPro Hero4 Camera, Drones, Bluetooth Speakers and Wireless Headsets.

If the above items don’t work you can always give a turkey. Those are always great to receive. Unless you don’t know how to cook a turkey or have a big enough freezer to fit it.


The holidays are officially less than 10 weeks out. So plan in advance to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to get the latest hot items for gift giving.

And for those that are wondering…Yes, Beard Baubles really do exist. And yes, they are completely SOLD OUT!

So if you are looking to get Beard Baubles for a friend or for yourself you will have to wait until next years holiday season.

This is definitely a great example of why you should plan in advance.