For years embroidery on apparel has been the most common method of putting your logo on a hat, jacket or shirt.

Here are some of the most common questions regarding embroidery on apparel…

1. What type of art file do I need?

  • You must have a hi-res vector file in which the art is layered.
  • Hi-Res vector files can be created and saved in Adobe Illustrator. Files types of .ai and .eps are compatible with digitizing software.

2. What is the stitch count of the logo?

  • The stitch count along with the quantity determines the cost to embroider.
  • A detailed design typically has a higher stitch count than copy or text. The only way to decipher the stitch count is when the hi-res vector art is submitted to the embroidery’s digitizer.
  • The number of color is not a factor for embroidery.

3. What are the most common embroidery locations that are done domestically?

  • Headwear – Front, Side or Back.
  • Apparel – Left Chest, Cuff, Yolk, Sleeve.

4. What is the digitization fee for?

  • In order to set the design up on the embroidery machines a digital file has to be produced. Once the digitization is finalized we keep it on file for re-orders. If the logo size changes there is a small fee for resizing the file.

While embroidery  is still a gold standard method there are other new ways to get the look you want without the pricey cost of stitch counts and digitization fees. Ask us about Laser Etching, Debossing, heat transfers and other alternatives to getting the look you want on your next apparel piece.