A color nerd’s dream


Do you love Pantone, and wish everything in your life could be defined by it? Consider a visit to the Pantone Hotel in Brussels.

The color-measuring company is now in the accommodations business, thanks to a building whose design is inspired by—what else?—the Pantone palette.

A walk down the hallway, for example, might leave you unsure of whether you’re looking at a room number or a giant paint sample. The rooms themselves are largely white, with accents and artwork featuring Pantone hues. Overall, the aesthetic is what you might call tasteful, on the nose.


Architect Olivier Hannaert, interior designer Michael Penneman and photographer Victor Levy each contributed to the project. It’s part of the brand’s Pantone Universe campaign, which has translated detailed color codes to products like coffee mugs so that design nerds can appropriately drool over them. Those cups, too, are featured at the hotel, which is in itself, at the very least, a lesson in commitment to a dream of world domination.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear whether you can actually request a room by Pantone number—or if the decor even includes Pantone beer cans, Pantone Sesame Street or Pantone Queen of England.

Via Co.Design.