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Some of Our Awesome Clients

Creative force to be reckoned with! I have had the fortune of working with many talented people and they rank at the top. Extraordinary relationship builder with clients and has a strong ability to understand their strategic needs and provide the appropriate solution. Passion for quality work is a key driver in success.


Thank you for teaching me the value of a Brand.  Sad to say but years ago I was one of those people who looked at a Brand as a logo and what type of “trinket” it would fit on that people would not throw away on their way out the door. They showed me how a Brand can open doors for you, that a Brand is your reputation…you only have one so take the time and working with the right professional.

Sales Manager, QLogic

You can’t beat the creativity and excellent service. Pricing is the best and has never missed a deadline. I depend on them for my merchandise branding needs. Highly recommend to anyone looking for marketing materials.

Marketing Director, SanDisk

Creative, professional and most of all fun to work with. Always delivers high quality products. A pleasure to work with!

Owner, Bikram Yoga Raleigh

Always been professional and easy to work with. I was responsible for obtaining promotional items for an internal staff of nearly 500 and they took care of everything. Extremely creative and made all of my projects a true success. Thank you!

Strategist, Harbor Heights

Exceptional, creative professional. Constantly looking for innovative ways to improve outcomes to any problem. Persistence and tenacity make a positive force to work with.

Manager, Pharmaceuticals

Smart, strategic, vivacious, interesting and customer focused. Creative and resourceful and a great team player. I love the moxie and determination to get the job done.

Owner, Wine Goods

Professional, classy, informative, integrity is the best way to describe Jolene. She is dedicated to the welfare of the client. If she says she will do it, then you can count on it.

President, Twin City Alliance

Talented and creative. They give 100% to every project and the results are never less than fabulous! Really connects with clients and understands that each is unique and deserving of a fresh perspective. Positive energy and willingness/ability to think outside the box are just a couple of reason her clients truly love them. Every company needs a creative mind like Theory on its team.

Manager, Tech

Detail oriented professionals who always puts the needs of clients first. Creativity and delivering of superb products consistently exceeds expectations.

Senior Sales, Pharmaceuticals

We can’t thank you enough for your attention to detail and quality of work. We are blessed to have you as one of our business partners. Thank you for all you do.

Director of Operations, Rush Cycle

Theory is amazing, you get personality and effective communication. They are personable, easy to reach and flexible. We enjoy working with them.

Jenn Heidemann, Account Executive, EG Threads, Supplier

Theory is responsive, honest, quick to respond, reliable and fair. They always show pricing options and creativity.

Jacqueline Nguyen, OEM Marketing, Marvell, Client

Theory is invaluable to our success.

Corey Spangler, Founder, Rush Cycle, Client

Theory goes over and beyond what anyone asks on every project. They are friendly, responsive and one of our favorites.

Don Martin, Owner, Bloomin Promotions, Supplier

Theory is accommodating, nice and just awesome. They are the epitome of a true partner. They are always available, responsive, resourceful and provide great advice. We know they are always looking out for our best interest and protecting our brand.

Mark Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, Tres Agaves, Client